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How to meet the child from the hospital

Ever since the Soviet times there was a kind of ritual meetings mother and child from the hospital. And there are new opportunities to turn the day of the return of his wife home with a newborn on a holiday today.

How to meet the child from the hospital

Instruction how to meet the child from the hospital

Step 1:

Talk to the child's mother about what she wanted - a lush holiday or a quick and humble meeting. The psychological state of women after childbirth may be different, and someone might want to hurry to be home alone with her husband and child, and meeting with relatives aside.

Step 2:

Agree with anyone from friends to photography skills, or invite a professional photographer. So you will be able to capture the first days of a child's life, and he meeting process from the hospital.

Step 3:

Solve the issue of transport. If you want to meet his wife in style, book a limousine. It is convenient by the fact that it will be able to stay and go home all meet. But you can come and in his car. If desired, decorate the car, and the main thing - to observe a measure and the scope of good taste.

Step 4:

If the spouse loves balls, bring them with you. It is best not to take them to the apartment, and release into the air right next to the hospital.

Step 5:

Hand wife flowers. This simple gift is a nice token. Talk with family members and decide who else wants to bring a bouquet. If the color is too much, they just may carry life uncomfortable.

Step 6:

If you have prepared the wife a gift, you can give it right at discharge from hospital. This is especially useful if a small surprise, for example, this piece of jewelry.

Step 7:

Think about the signs of attention for doctors and nurses. It may be some souvenirs and sweets. However, such a gift is appropriate, if he really expresses appreciation. You do not have to give anything if you did not like the attitude of the staff, and did not accept his level of professionalism.

Step 8:

Prepare an apartment for the return of his wife. Make cleaning, fill the refrigerator with food that is easy to prepare, check whether there is everything you need for the baby.