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How to not gain much weight during pregnancy

In pregnancy, a small weight gain is natural. But wrong to think that at this time you need to eat for two, your weight can significantly increase, threatening possible complications.

How to not gain much weight during pregnancy

Instruction how to not gain much weight during pregnancy

Step 1:

Control your appetite. It is difficult, because during pregnancy the body needs food. But still try to hold back, do not immediately jump on buns, meat casseroles and hearty borscht. Of course, under the ban, not all. Lean on low-fat dairy products, eat more fruits and vegetables. Do not be carried away by the sweet: just once a week to eat a piece of cake. If hunger does not subside - nibble tasty carrots or eat a juicy apple.

Step 2:

Be sure to watch for weight gain. What should it be for you personally, ask your doctor - it all depends on your condition, body constitution. Weigh yourself once a week. Try not to go beyond the normal weight gain. Review your diet in the case of excess of the norm. Not bad to arrange fasting day: once a week to eat, such as cheese, yogurt and chicken. While here it is necessary to consult with a doctor, you may not be quite sharply reduce the amount of food.

Step 3:

Actively engage in sports, nurturing a baby, it is not necessary (although here, too, all individually). But it is very useful as much as you can walk, breathe fresh air. Stroll leisurely around the neighborhood, enjoy the outdoors, think about what you have now a wonderful position. As a result, boost mood, increase metabolism, burn extra calories.

Step 4:

Watch for swelling, which often happen during pregnancy. But this does not mean that they are safe, do not harm the child. If you are wearing the ring, it can give a signal about violations in the water balance: at night, do not remove it, but in the morning - try. Sit tight? So, you have problems with the withdrawal of the liquid. Less drink after six pm, and to normalize the metabolism, drink herbal diuretics: a decoction of leaves of cranberry or cranberry juice (everything else they will enrich the body with vitamin C).