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How to open a mini kindergarten

Mini kindergartens household type is the perfect alternative queues in municipal preschool. For many parents, they became a real salvation of their career. These kindergartens are gaining more and more popularity.

How to open a mini kindergarten

Instruction how to open mini kindergarten

Step 1:

Unfortunately, in order to open a children's site is legal, you must fulfill several conditions, rent a large room equipped with it in accordance with the sanitary rules and regulations, to obtain permission of SES, Fire Service, to approve the educational program and certify each employee. It takes a considerable amount of money to pay back that is only possible if the value of the child's stay in a kindergarten is not less than $ 700-800 per month. In such a sum would agree, not every parent and kindergarten suffer losses again.

Step 2:

Many parents prefer to leave their children with a babysitter. However, hiring a nanny to one child is very expensive, and another thing when the nurse works with a group of children. So it turns out the mini kindergarten, which is quite possible to organize within the usual city apartment. If you have a country cottage with a fenced yard for a walk, it's even better.

Step 3:

Your daycare should be more equipped rooms. If we take the minimum, then this is the kitchen, a bathroom (and preferably two) with a shower, a small laundry room, which will wear linen and towels, and a large room that will serve as a game, and a bedroom, and dining room.

Step 4:

If your kindergarten group provides full-time, you should carefully plan the mode of the day the kids, including a proper diet and sleep. Sleeps purchase folding or retractable bed, which after sleep hours can be hidden or removed completely. Baby bedding changed at least once a week. A folding tables and chairs come in handy for meals and for employment.

Step 5:

Remember that children should have more meals than in adults. This breakfast is perhaps a little snack before dinner, lunch with the obligatory soup, afternoon snack, after sleeping an hour, and dinner. Products for kindergarten are bought only in the audited locations, do not hesitate to ask the sellers of certificates of compliance with health standards. Most likely you will have to hire an assistant for cooking, because you have to constantly keep an eye on children. Demand that the employee was sanitary book and experience in child care.

Step 6:

You should not only look after the children during the day, but also fully develop them, and to teach. Get a notebook and pen, counting sticks, clay for sculpting, paint and albums. Also do not forget about physical culture, where children are usually happy to do. This will help you balls, hoops and skipping ropes.

Step 7:

The schedule should include a walk. Carefully inspect the area near the house. It must be safe for children. Look, there was next to the roadway. At the playground equipment should be for outdoor activities and sports in the fresh air. Then the children do not get bored and do not go looking for other entertainment.

Step 8:

You can put small plays and hold open classes for parents. In the end, it is their child and must arrange everything. To specify in advance with parents receiving conditions in the kindergarten. Require a medical certificate attesting to the child's health and immunization records set. Align curriculum and menu. Stipulate the amount and terms of payment.