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How to pay for sick leave and maternity leave

According to the labor legislation on compulsory social insurance, employees are entitled to a leave in connection with pregnancy, confinement and the payment of benefits, which is calculated from the average salary of the employee.

How to pay for sick leave and maternity leave

Instruction how to pay for sick leave and maternity leave

Step 1:

At 30 weeks, singleton pregnancy, a woman in consultation issued disability certificate. In this case, the sick leave period is 140 calendar days: 70 days before delivery and 70 - after. If pregnancy is prolific, the period is increased to 194 days, the hospital issued in 28 weeks. In this case, a pregnant woman is given a sheet of disability for 84 days before delivery and for 110 days thereafter.

Step 2:

In 2011, the law on the calculation of benefits and maternity amended, which came into force in 2012. Women who have gone on maternity leave in 2011, can choose to accrue benefits in the old or new version of on your own. Thus, in 2011-2012, the worker can choose the accrued benefits in connection with pregnancy, childbirth, in accordance with the same procedure of earnings over the last 12 months prior to the onset of labor holiday, and at the absence of a period of work and earnings - based salary size. The second option - according to the rules for calculating benefits introduced in 2011, maternity awarded on the basis of earnings over the last 2 years of work preceding the year in which the holiday occurs. Consequently, the new version takes into account the salary received from previous employers.

Step 3:

Initially, determine the total amount of payments (income, wages), which made the calculation of insurance contributions to the Social Insurance Fund for the last 2 years.

Step 4:

To calculate the amount of allowances set the average daily wage. For this sum payments accrued for 24 months, divide by 730 (regardless of employee actually worked days).

Step 5:

To determine the size of the daily benefit amount of the average daily wage multiply by a percentage, which is determined depending on the insurance experience.

Step 6:

Compare the resulting sum of the daily allowance to its maximum size. If you calculated allowance does not exceed the limit, the amount of maternity allowance is payable, calculated on the basis of average earnings.