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How to persuade a child to go to kindergarten

Tears, tantrums and stamping their feet become accustomed accompaniment for you in the morning? Indeed, when the child does not want to go into the garden, it is difficult to persuade him and the mood in the morning is spoiled, and the baby and the parents. Sometimes Mom and happy to leave a child at home, he asks how, but it simply is not an option - there is no one to sit with him. This means that the situation should be solved somehow.

How to persuade a child to go to kindergarten

Instruction how to persuade a child to go to kindergarten

Step 1:

If the child had never walked in the garden, and now he will have his first day without a mother, in which case you should begin to prepare him for this campaign in advance. If you just put the baby to the fact that he will go on Monday to kindergarten, you can simply frighten him: he was not used to being alone among strangers. Pre-start telling him about how in kindergarten great. Explain that there are a lot of toys, children that will be with him to make friends, good teachers, who will play with them. Then you awaken a child's interest in this new place, and he will be more likely to ask the kindergarten.

Step 2:

If the child is already some time in kindergarten, but now all of a sudden starts to protest, then look for the cause of such behavior - just like a child's behavior does not change ever. Maybe the kid conflict with the kids in the garden - maybe someone is teasing or hurting him. And it is possible that something is wrong with the tutor. For example, it is too strict. Gently ask your child whether all is well with him in the garden, ask to tell you if something is not tak.V unlike students who often do not want parents to interfere in the solution of their problems, the kids are waiting for protection and support for mothers. But the sneak pass also do not want to, so do not compromise on your child. If you find out that the child being bullied guys do not run immediately to call their parents. Talk with your child, explain to him how to get out of a situation. Talk to the teacher: see, stop and solve conflicts between children - his direct responsibility.

Step 3:

Perhaps it does not in the garden, but in the fact that your child is not getting enough sleep and not feeling well. If a kid plays late and then get up early, he goes to kindergarten, without sentiment and tears. Causes him to go to bed earlier than an hour or two. For nutrition baby monitor in kindergarten, and you follow his rehabilitation: ask your pediatrician, so he suggested a good vitamin complex, because the lack of vitamins also affects mood and the desire to get up in the morning.