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How to persuade a child to treat teeth

The most terrible dream for many a trip to the dentist. Many adults to postpone the last visit, and what can we say about children who are afraid of all the people in white coats. Have the parents go to the little tricks.

How to persuade a child to treat teeth

Instruction how to persuade a child to treat teeth

Step 1:

The success of this event depends on how you feel about a trip to the dentist. If a child has repeatedly heard from you horror stories about dental treatment, even said not to him personally, and flashed in the conversation, he perfectly learned that this procedure is not a pleasant one. Therefore, when a child does not behave Semi-Medical conversation, because it is not known how many times and which doctor will have to carry.

Step 2:

First, find a clinic or a doctor who specializes in young patients. In these clinics must be a special tool, the drugs that can be given to children. Staff has experience working with children and take into account all the nuances of the treatment and communication with them.

Step 3:

it is necessary to prepare the child for a hike to the dentist in advance. Do not make the visit secret, otherwise it may result in hysteria and even the child's refusal to sit down in a chair to the doctor. Tell your child that a certain date, he would go to the doctor to treat teeth. What you need to do it on such and such a reason. But especially in medical terms not worse. And do not say that it will do with the child. Little can scare, saying, for example, that the tooth will be removed. It is better to tell the doctor simply looks at his teeth and decide what to do. You can explain why it is necessary to look after their teeth and what might happen if this is not done. But much focus on this is not necessary. Give your child information about the upcoming visit to the doctor, but in any case, do not escalate the situation.

Step 4:

But with older children such tricks will not take place. Here we have to operate openly. Tell your child about the upcoming visit to the doctor, and if he starts crying and obstinate offer him in exchange for treatment to fulfill his desire. For example, a girl dreams about a certain doll. Promise to purchase and keep your promise. And a toy the child should receive when leaving the hospital or at home. He should just make sure that his parents are not deceived. And the next time trip to the dentist will not turn into a series of tantrums. But this method is part of the child should not go into blackmail. Therefore, the desired gift should not be very expensive.