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How to persuade her husband to her second child

For many women, motherhood is the happiness and the meaning of life. And when the child grows up, then it would be desirable to have a second. But the decision of the birth of the next heir to accept not only the expectant mother, but also dad. What do you do if your husband is against it?

How to persuade her husband to her second child

Instruction how to persuade her husband to her second child

Step 1:

Men do not have a better understanding emotional explanation that again you want to feel all the pleasures of motherhood. Convince them it is necessary to dry facts. Make a plan for the next few years, which shall describe what will leave you money, how much you can allocate to the first and second child, how much remains in the food, pay for an apartment, home appliances, entertainment. A good argument for my husband to be that you have on the account the amount of money you set aside specifically to the birth of the second child. If you can convince a spouse that can grow two children, it is much faster you will go on concessions.

Step 2:

Many men are simply afraid to start a second child. They are afraid that they can not feed a family for a decree of your fear that you will not pay enough attention to them. If the first birth were difficult, the man may be afraid of losing you. To help in this can only talk from the heart. Tell my husband that you have great friends, doctors, help with childbirth, in case of shortage of money you will be able to hand over the apartment, inherited you inherited from her grandmother, promise to give him their full attention, which you will be able to. Convince a man that together you can overcome any difficulties.

Step 3:

More often remind my husband that you do not simply want a second child, do you want a child from him. Such recognition will cause the pride of any man.

Step 4:

If you have a familiar couple with two children, organize joint vacation: go on a picnic, go to the amusement park. Let your man make sure that a family with two kids live in prosperity and enjoy life. However, you should be sure that your friends begin to complain about how hard it is to bring two, or your spouse only strengthened his suspicions about it.

Step 5:

Keep an eye on your health. After all, the health of the expectant mother - is the key to a baby's health. When a spouse will understand that you are thoughtful and conscious approach to planning the future of a family member, he was willing to go to meet you.