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How to Photograph Newborn

Agree, it is interesting to hear stories about what fun you had as a child. Even more interesting to look at themselves in infancy. And to help in this can, of course, photography. Responsible parents have long since got cameras to chronicle his child growing up. Photos can be done a thousand. Another question is how to make the original, really beautiful photos.

How to Photograph Newborn

You will need:

- camera; - Several lighting devices; - Photographic skills.

Instruction photographing newborns

Step 1:

Organize a small home photo studio. You do not need to make any special expensive acquisitions. As can use ordinary table lamp or lamps as light sources. Be sure good photograph can turn on any camera, any number of lighting fixtures. An important role is played here, rather the ability to crop, to show imagination and, of course, the feeling of love towards her baby.

Step 2:

Organize a background for future pictures. Take a soft white towel or otrez beautiful fabrics and cushions. Arrange it all beautifully on the table. Think for your baby quirky accessory - a funny hat, checkered shirt or cap. Wait until your grudnichok asleep. Dress up in his costume invented by you. Put amongst among your organized space (pillows and fabrics). Can you put the baby next to any item (fruit, a musical instrument or a toy). Shoot the window that there is enough light in the frame, or use lighting. Take a little bit on top that you can see how much your child is still small compared with the objects that you put together. For such a contrast, use the hand of an adult. Let the father of the child will sleep grudnichka hands. Frame the picture so that grudnichka head lying on the open palm of his father. If you are thoroughly worked with the light, it will turn out very touching photos.

Step 3:

Take photos on the move. Those. Remove when you are feeding the baby, changing her clothes. To make sure your photos are not turned into a collection of images wrapped in swaddling clothes lump. Take the first movements of your baby. Many years later, it will be interesting to watch those live photos. Take a few close-ups. Catch the funny expression on the face of the baby. Crop picture close-up, focusing on the child's eyes. It does not matter whether or not the baby is asleep, hold the camera at eye level, then the picture will turn more expressive.