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How to plan a child's sex

Paul Child - a very important component for parents, so they can not wait to learn it as soon as possible. In addition, many at some point in his life thought that if you can plan a pregnancy, it can be somehow possible to plan the sex of their baby. Consider the most well-known ways.

How to plan a child's sex

Many prospective parents before planning a pregnancy, shtudiruet literature and the internet in search of ways to plan a child's sex. Yes, indeed, I learned some techniques, but in any case you should know that none of them will not give you a guarantee of 100%.

- Let it be so. - They say. - We try to at least. 

Method 1: The dependence of the activity of sex life.

If you often make love, the composition of the sperm does not have time to date and in such cases more likely to be a girl, but in rare sexual intercourse the sperm is updated and the chances to conceive a boy anymore.

Method 2: In the vicinity of ovulation.

Boys' sperm that carry the Y-chromosome, a faster, but less viable than the girlish with the X chromosome. A fertilization are all day. Accordingly, if the sexual intercourse took place for 1-3 days prior to ovulation, the more chances a girl, and if on the day of ovulation - the boy.

Method 3: In a special diet.

Some believe that the child's sex depends on the chemical composition of the products that use the parents. The result was the following table:

+ : You need to eat more.

- : It is necessary to limit or exclude.

+/ -: Neutral product.

Method 4: Ancient Chinese.

Putting month of conception to the age of the expectant mother and get the result.

Method 5: Japanese.

Method 6: According to national signs and divination.

1. The Greeks believed that the boy's easier to conceive in the summer and winter girls.

2. If you want a son - my mother put the ax under his pillow, but if a daughter - ribbons.

3. At the moment of conception, the expectant mother should be lying with his head in the direction of the south and for the baby in the direction of the north for the baby.

That's all the tips for parents who are worried about the baby's sex. Do everything you can and maybe you are lucky. But remember: the important thing is that the baby is healthy and was a welcome! 

P.S .: If the pregnancy has already come - you will not be able to influence the sex of the baby.