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How to play "Okay"

Children by nature are full of energy and positive emotions. They confer light and warmth of their smiles all the people around them, and if more and play with adults, the delight there is no limit as a baby, and at the big man. The very first children's game, with roots far in Russian history - "Ladushki". Well, who in childhood did not play in this merry "swatter"? And, being a parent is not happy enthusiastic slap of his hands the baby?

How to play

Instruction how to play "Okay"

Step 1:

Play "Ladushki" should all present in the room: baby, dad, mom, grandmother, grandfather, etc. this game is that one adult speaks Russian popular saying during prigovorki all movement must demonstrate: "Okay, Okay! Where were you? Grandmother! (Clap hands). What is eaten? Kashka. What drink? Mash. Kashka the oil, mash sweet. Drank, ate (show how eating and drinking, respectively, said). Kishi! Flew! (Simulates the movement strokes of the wings). At the head sat! (Apply a hand on his head)". Ladushki sing! (Repeated again). Babe makes movement flush words and set an example.

Step 2:

If a child is the first time does not play - it does not mean that he did not like. It is necessary to repeat it several times, paying attention to the ratio of hand movements and spoken sentences. In this game you need to play always and everywhere, it develops coordination and motor skills of hands. After mastering the rules of the baby happy slaps her hands, at the same time giving rise to a storm of emotions. This game is useful also because it helps to observe the work of the organs of hearing, vision and coordination of the child, allowing you to determine the level of development of these functions.