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How to please the children Christmas gifts

Who is the greatest of all waiting and enjoys the New Year's holiday? Of course, the children! Therefore, parents need to enable your child to feel the fabulousness of this moment. In order to find out what my child wants to receive a gift, ask him to write a letter to Santa Claus, in which he will set out all their dreams. It would also be nice if on holiday, to a certain time, he came and Santa Claus, which is easily enjoyed in dealing with this special bureau. A Christmas tree is put under a long-awaited Christmas gifts.

How to please the children Christmas gifts

You will need:

- Gifts - New Year

Instruction how to please New Year's gifts for children

Step 1:

Children under three years can donate clothing. Only it should be a very bright and colorful. For example: pajamas with reindeer hat with ears, dress with lace and so on. Unleash your imagination! Toys. It is worth noting that for children of small age is the main gift. As a rule, little is very popular with designers, big cars, big balls with handles, rocking horse, large dolls and so on. Toys, books for children three years of age - it is the best option.

Step 2:

Children from three to six years can give all kinds of sweets. If children under three years of a large number of sweets should be avoided, for the older kids should be fine candies and cookies, of course, within reason. The girls love the sophisticated gifts such as wheelchairs, houses, toy furniture and dolls, requiring care. Boys, of course, will be delighted by cars, airplanes and robots. Computer games, books and cartoons may also be a good gift for a child.

Step 3:

At the age of 6 to 10 years, all the kids are eager to communicate. Therefore, as a gift you can give not only material things, but also a hike to the rink, the Dolphinarium, a circus or a children's theater. It is also a good gift can be a craft kits, construction sets, sets of young chemist, doctor or even a magician. At this age, kiddies is to instill a love of active life and sport. Clothes for swimming, balls, skates or skis - are useful gifts. Board games. At this age children are more interested in outdoor activities, so capture the moment!

Step 4:

If your child has grown up, you should choose harder. At the age more than 10 years for the child's mass is important in the present. For girls - is clothing. Only that she was the most beautiful, the most fashionable and chosen for them, and not in your taste. Computer software - at this age the child is needed. Equipment. The child has grown up and is ready for such gifts as a phone, camera and player, from which it will be ecstatic! Impression. Children this age can bring their ski resort, Christmas camp or to buy tickets to a concert favorite singer. This gift will be remembered for a long time!