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How to prepare for childbirth

Remains the last weeks of waiting the appearance of your baby's birth. You feel the excitement and constantly think about the upcoming birth. You need to have time to collect the bag with the necessary things to agree with your doctor to learn special breathing technique that you will need during labor.

How to prepare for childbirth

Instruction how to prepare for childbirth

Step 1:

You need to know what will happen to you at birth, how to carry the fight, how to behave during attempts. Knowledge of the generic process will allow you to not get lost and try to help the child to be born. You can go to special training courses for childbirth, read the how-to literature, speak with an experienced obstetrician.

Step 2:

If possible, select the pre-hospital and find out the conditions of delivery and postpartum visit mother and child. If you want to give birth on the contract, you must enclose it in advance. Talk about a doctor estimated during labor, explain their preferences about the use of anesthesia and free behavior during labor.

Step 3:

Pre-assemble all the necessary things for the hospital. Sort them by 2-3 and show the package to her husband and family, wherever they are. After delivery, you will bring these things to the hospital. Learn in advance at the hospital where you are going to give birth, what things can be taken from home, and you will be provided there.

Step 4:

To avoid gaps in labor, prepare the skin of the perineum for the upcoming stretch. For this you need to do a light massage using herbal oils such as olive oil or wheat germ oil. Before use, the oil should be slightly warm water bath and light massaging movements rub into the skin between the anus and the vagina. This procedure can begin to carry out two times weekly from 35 weeks of gestation, and 38 weeks - every day.

Step 5:

To prevent cracking of nipples can do light rubbing with a towel, douche, air baths (walk through the house with open chest). Do not overdo it, as an active stimulation of the nipples causes uterine contractions.

Step 6:

Learn how to breathe and relax. This need during labor contractions. Mastering dyha¬telnyh techniques or anesthetic mas¬sazha require the formation of certain skills, so Do it as soon as possible.

Step 7:

Most importantly, try to mentally tune into prosperous and easy delivery.