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How to prepare your child for divorce

When parents divorce, the child is going through a complex psychological drama. But the correct behavior moms and dads, reliable information and confidence in the future will allow to survive this time less painful. Correct surrounding behavior at that moment playing the maximum value.

How to prepare your child for divorce

Instruction how to prepare your child for divorce

Step 1:

Talking about the divorce the child needs at that moment, when you are confident in that decision. Ponder all as it should. This uncertainty can be very scare, cause stress. If you are confident in your decision, let the news together. It must be a family discussion.

Step 2:

Speaking of such circumstances, tell us how the rest of the future life. For all the baby should be very simple - with whom he will live, how it will communicate with the other parent. The conversation should be calm and unhurried, so as not to frighten or cause aggression.

Step 3:

Do not eat at the child the phrase "left us" or "you have thrown." If someone left alone, they can leave the rest. The child may fear that he will soon be the one that will leave all his loved ones.

Step 4:

Do not ask to get on someone's side. The choice is not easy to do. This opportunity can be given after 15-16 years. Before this age try to the little man did not hear convictions toward a spouse and / or relatives. To understand who is right and who is not, not even an adult. These dilemmas can cause psychological trauma.

Step 5:

Do not find out the relationship in the presence of a child, do not swear, do not raise your voice. This behavior causes a feeling of guilt. Do you want your child thought to the end of life that you have divorced because of it? Divorce - a matter of two people, do not need to devote to it all family members.

Step 6:

Talk to your son or daughter that you love him no matter what. Taught that you never him / her not to leave. Spend time together, play, do homework. Let the divorce will not be a reason to reduce the amount of communication, it is in this period, it is very necessary to a child.