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How to prepare your child for the first class

From early childhood, mothers and fathers promise your kids that when they are seven, the first of September they will go to school, where they learn to read, write, count and tell a lot of interesting. But just take a child who reach the age of seven years, in the first class will not be enough. This is preceded by a long period of careful preparation.

How to prepare your child for the first class

Instruction how to prepare a child in first grade

Step 1:

Walk with your child tests for psychological and physical readiness for school. During the tests evaluated the overall level of development of the child, the presence of his basic knowledge and skills, the level of development of logical and creative thinking, physical readiness for school. The last point is very important also, because when a child goes from kindergarten to school, he has to withstand enormous loads, both mental and physical, which so far has not. Therefore, if you are in the survey said that the child is still too early to go to school and need another year to sit at home, then this manual in any case should not be neglected. Overload the child's health can suffer greatly.

Step 2:

Themselves involved in the preparation of their child. The basic training of children to school should carry out the kindergarten staff - this is included in his direct duties. However, not all teachers and educators can be given a sufficient amount of attention to each of the children. Therefore, parents should also not neglect it. In today's elementary school has been taken to teach children to read and write - they should be able to do it well, entering the first grade.

Step 3:

Give a child in Sunday school. There he became acquainted with the concept of "school", she learns how to look classes, how the lesson will teach you discipline. In addition, Sunday school is focused on the preparation of the child to enroll in first grade. Most of the classes and Sunday school classes are formed first.

Step 4:

Collect the child in first grade. If tests show that your child is ready for school, you should do and acquisition of all necessary. Full list of all the necessary you will be given at the school, although a set of first-graders are usually about the same: a notebook in a slanting line of a narrow and in a cage for 12 sheets, diary, pens, pencils, rulers, erasers and sharpeners, creativity and materials, etc. Do not forget about school uniforms. In some schools received a school uniform, which means that it will be ordered to the whole class, but the child will still be required shirt (for boys), blouses and tights (for girls), and indoor shoes.