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How to prepare your child's hand to the letter

Writing skills - one of the most important educational skills, which should be formed in the first year. How to make so that it is not proved difficult and has formed a beautiful handwriting and easy for your child? You will have to put in a little effort, organizing a 15-20-minute sessions, but the result will be worth it.

How to prepare your child's hand to the letter

You will need:

Balls, skipping ropes, brushes, pencils, crayons, scissors, drawing paper, colored paper, glue, clay / salt dough, massage balls

Instruction how to prepare your child's hand to the letter

Step 1:

Play with your child in a ball, learn to jump rope, organize outdoor games for children. It is no coincidence that the first point raised, he is under a physiological basis. Muscles are developing in the direction of the central, large, to peripheral, small. Therefore, the development of fine motor skills should begin with a general motor (motor) Agility child.

Step 2:

Draw with your child. Take up simply for drawing exercises and gradually offer the child with shading objects, painting, circled in dotted lines. Hatching learn to do in different directions - a diagonal, vertical, horizontal. Introduce your child to different lines: straight, curved, spiral, zigzag. Offer them to trace, and then draw and himself.

Step 3:

Draw with your child on the pavement, in large areas of the paper (wallpaper, for example), large brush, thick felt-tip pens and pencils. Here again, the rule is triggered - from large to small movements, from the gross motor muscles of the hand to the petty.

Step 4:

Give your child in the hands of scissors. Learn to cut pre-printed or painted triangles, squares, rectangles. Next, go to the complex for a child's motor skills shapes - stars, circles, ovals. Stick carved objects in the form of application - the child will be interesting, because you are doing creative and create your own masterpiece.

Step 5:

Make a daily massage of palms and fingers of the child. In addition to stimulation of muscles of the hand, and it stimulates areas of the brain responsible for speech. Let your child roll the balls (special massage, smooth and prickly).

Step 6:

Sculpt with your child. At the occasion, let knead and roll the pieces of dough, or prepare a special, salt dough for sculpting. Knead clay and sculpt out of it - sausages, berries, apples, beads - all under the force of the baby. Movement at sculpting strengthen small muscles of the hand.