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How to prolong lactation

During breastfeeding lactation crises happen that many mothers are regarded as a signal to switch to artificial feeding. However, this does not always need to do, you can extend the time of lactation, following two main points: to provide raw materials and conditions for the formation of milk.

How to prolong lactation

Instruction how to prolong lactation

Step 1:

To prevent lactation crisis and prolong the period of lactation is necessary to control - what and when you eat and drink. Note that a nursing mother should eat at least five times a day. If because of the constant hassle, you can simply forget to eat, you get yourself controllers the number of meals. Purchase and attach to the fridge magnets with five different images of food after every meal rearrange them down. By evening, all five of the magnets must be at the bottom. Keep a special container for the control of fluid you drink, it should be consumed in an amount of 2.5 liters a day, no less. Include tea with milk, broth hips and juice at each meal.

Step 2:

Almost every breast-feeding mother gets up several times during the night to the baby, feed, change clothes or drink. The result - a chronic sleep deprivation, which will result in a decrease in milk production. Use every opportune moment to restore the sleep deficit. Explain pet that walks with the baby, and economic affairs, they can partially take over, because breastfeeding can not nobody but you.

Step 3:

A prerequisite for a good lactation in nursing mothers are positive emotions. No experience, try to control your emotions while you are breastfeeding. If you have time to watch movies, watch comedy, cartoons and children's programs. At the same time, analyze which of them will then show your baby.

Step 4:

Extend the period of lactation to help wrap the breast before feeding a warm cloth. Hold it on the battery or on a hot kettle, then wrap the chest for a few minutes. Good light helps breast massage, and later your crumb will help their fists.

Step 5:

When feeding always empty the breast, even if there is a lot of milk, it is necessary to decant. Feed your baby on demand, rather than by the hour. Feed at night, even if the child is not hungry - just let it suck breast to calm. For breast it will be a stimulating factor, and for the baby - a favorite sedative.

Step 6:

From drugs to increase milk production is well established Apilak. It is made of royal jelly and does not cause allergies in the child, but in the case of individual intolerance. Take it for 1 tablet under the tongue for two weeks.