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How to protect children from violence

child molestation, peer bullying, humiliation on the part of teachers - it is a reality that can face any child. The task of parents - do not miss the slightest incipient symptoms of such problems.

How to protect children from violence

Instruction how to protect children from violence

Step 1:

More often talk with the children, be interested in what is happening in the kindergarten or school. How are the child's relationships with teachers and peers. Wary if a child tells about unfair treatment of teachers, about the constant fights at school. It is possible that a child may soon become a victim of such incidents.

Step 2:

Keep in touch with teachers. Apathetic parents are able to untie the hands of violence and abuse. Carefully follow the mood of the child. If he suddenly became withdrawn, irritable, she comes home with bruises, writing off this is accidental injury, find out what may be causing this behavior. Talk with classmates or friends of the child will get a clearer picture than the clarification of the circumstances in adults.

Step 3:

Keep track of what Internet resources visited by the student. Teens are often victims of their new friends on the social networks. Explain that it is impossible to predict who is sitting on the other side of the monitor. Prohibit or restrict access (this can be done by using, for example, antivirus software) to adult resources.

Step 4:

Do not allow children to go to school or from school by unfrequented roads. Meet the child when he comes back alone late at night on a dimly lit street. Younger students are more inclined to trust strangers. Carelessness and gullibility in regard to strangers are not allowed. Reminds us of this. Good help in the formation of the correct attitude to strangers or unfamiliar people will play possible situations. Help your child come up with various reasons for the refusal to go somewhere with an adult: "I was waiting for my mother. I have called her, I have to go, and it will be worry "," Grandma always scolds me if I stay ... "" I used to walk along this road on foot "(in response to the invitation to drive)," Mama I buy ice cream "(if offered refreshments).

Step 5:

Nurture a child's confidence and ability to stand up for themselves and others. Often a victim of violence are weak, insecure children. More often praise and encourage children. Try to be his friend, with whom you can share any problems and concerns.