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How to protect the child from the flu

With the onset of the cold season, there are many parents reason to worry - how to protect the child from the flu and other viral diseases? It is believed that these diseases are easier to prevent than to cure. And the parents are given a reasonable question: what should be done to the baby was healthy.

How to protect the child from the flu

You will need:

- Face shield or gauze bandage; - Vitamins; - Immune-boosting drugs.

Instruction how to protect the child from the flu

Step 1:

Before you send a child to school, kindergarten, or simply on the street, brush his nostrils oxolinic ointment. And when they return home to wash off the ointment using baby soap. Use this tool only if the child goes to the pockets of the people. Constant use of oxolinic ointment can only hurt. Also wash the baby spray based on sea water.

Step 2:

Pay close attention to how and what your child is wearing. Avoid hypothermia, this factor often leads to diseases.

Step 3:

In the hands of a dangerous period in any alcohol-based hand often can treat, or simply wash them with soap and water, especially after sneezing or coughing. When sneezing or coughing, use paper towels, and then - by all means carefully dispose of them.

Step 4:

Wear a gauze mask, or any other protective disposable bandages during the flu epidemic, when the child is in a public place.

Step 5:

Make sure that the room is constantly ventilated premises, kvartsevanie spend as much as possible, especially if the house is one of the members of the family have the flu. In this case, the patient is best to isolate and observe the necessary hygiene.

Step 6:

Preliminary consultation with the pediatrician, carry out specific preventive child, especially if he lowered immunity. Include in your daily diet of your baby foods that contain vitamins and strengthen immunity: green onions, garlic, oranges, daily - Tea with honey and lemon. You can drink infusions containing licorice root, echinacea. Even in the warm season, you can drink vitamins, herbal preparations that enhance the immune system. However, the most effective way to prevent influenza is timely vaccination.