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How to protect the child from the teacher

Defining your beloved child to school, every parent is convinced that sends it to the place of receipt is not only knowledge, but also other vital lessons: courtesy, tact, respect and kindness. The place where the wise mentors are able to protect him from all evils and atrocities of this world. This is the ideal. But what if it appears necessary in the truest sense of the word to protect the child from the teacher?

How to protect the child from the teacher

Instruction how to protect the child from the teacher

Step 1:

It may well be that it is the people who are called to teach the child good, are themselves the embodiment of universal evil. After all, the teacher - it is not always calling. Not once heard that teachers of elementary grades in the classroom humiliate children, calling them all sorts of abusive slovami.Neredki cases, and when it comes to blows: the teacher hit the child on hands pointer, ruler or even a book on the head, "twisting" the ears for the slightest offense, put in a corner on his knees or locked in a cabinet. And all this in the face of the whole class! A mentally unstable young man suffers. Due to constant humiliation and fear, the baby can turn inward, to earn a psychological trauma or even become an outcast in the team. This can not be tolerated!

Step 2:

To protect the child from the teacher, must first trust their child and always take his side, that he felt your love and support. Often ask your child about school work and, if he tells you about the behavior of the teacher, beyond the scope of pedagogy, should sound the alarm immediately.

Step 3:

Talk beforehand with the other children and their parents to find out if a single case of violence has been applied to your child (just "in anger"), or it is common for a particular teacher rude form of behavior, encouraged by fear of children and total impunity. In the case of the latter, immediately contact your school administration.

Step 4:

Require at least a "confrontation" with the "torturer", but better - call it "on the carpet" to the director, the head teacher, the entire faculty and the parent composition. If such a measure the passage of time does not work, and the teacher really is inadequate man with pronounced psychological problems, then immediately seek his dismissal or transfer their child to another school.

Step 5:

The most important thing - to understand what behavior the teacher is unacceptable under any circumstances. The most he can take to maintain order and discipline in the classroom, is to record in a diary or cause you to school.

Step 6:

With the right tactical approach to protect the child from the teacher is not only possible, but necessary. And the sooner you start to act decisively, the less will suffer the mind of your child.