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How to protect your baby from infections

After the birth of a child acquainted with the outside world. From parental care will depend on the frequency of its diseases. Scientists have found that often ill children do not have a clinically significant difference to those suffering from rare infectious diseases. Mainly in the protection of children from infections is prevention.

How to protect your baby from infections

Instruction how to protect the baby from infections

Step 1:

Protect the child from infection. Infection patient should wear a mask at home. After contact with it, wash your hands with soap and water. Do not drive children in a kindergarten, a school, if there are signs of disease. Most ventilate the room. During outbreaks, limit travel on public transport, visiting public places.

Step 2:

Observe the child's sleep. Baby should sleep well at night. Approximate duration of sleep should be from 2 years - thirteen hours, from 4 years - eleven o'clock to 6 years old - nine o'clock. Before going to bed play with the child in quiet games, read books, do not watch TV.

Step 3:

Watch out for balance and baby food-grade, compliance with diet. It is essential that it receive sufficient vitamins from fruits and vegetables. In winter, spend a multivitamin complexes courses.

Step 4:

Tempered child. Strive for the quenching effect of contrast water, rather than low temperature. The temperature in the room where the baby lives, should not be above twenty degrees.

Step 5:

More walk. On the walk the child should not overheat, wear it is comparable with an adult.

Step 6:

Engage with the child to exercise. Since babies do massage, passive and active exercises. Older children define in this section. In the bathroom, you can put the massage mat, washing up, the child will simultaneously massaging the feet.

Step 7:

Do vaccines against infection. Doctors recommend vaccinating sickly children against influenza and pneumococcal infections.

Step 8:

During epidemics of use before going out oxolinic ointment - strike the child's nose. Rinse the nasal passages in the morning and in the evening any drug on the basis of sea water or prepare themselves. Use interferon for influenza and acute respiratory disease. Try homeopathic remedies.

Step 9:

Be sure your child vaccinated against dangerous diseases in the early years included in the national calendar. There are safe complex vaccine against tuberculosis, diphtheria, tetanus, polio, rubella, etc.

Step 10:

Remember that a child's health is laid during pregnancy. Expectant mother most need to conduct a correct way of life, fully fed, quenched, take vitamins, exercise for pregnant women.