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How to protect your baby from the flu

Flu epidemic (severe viral infection) occur annually. Protective forces of the body baby still quite weak. And so, unfortunately, babies are more prone to infection.

How to protect your baby from the flu

Instruction how to protect the baby from the flu

Step 1:

Minimize or completely refuse from visiting health centers and public spaces. Influenza is transmitted by airborne droplets, so waiting in the corridors of clinics together with sick children is often fraught with challenge. Call the pediatrician and other doctors at home. Avoid contact with the baby colds people.

Step 2:

Regularly ventilate the room of your house or apartment. In the room where the baby lives, before going to bed, leave the window open for 15 minutes. This block off the baby from drafts. Daily wet cleaning in the baby's room.

Step 3:

Wear baby according to the weather. Make sure that the child does not supercool, but to him it was not hot. In the street to touch the baby's nose and the handle - it should be warm. Spend as much time outdoors, weather permitting. On cold days it is better to spend 2 - 3 walking for half an hour. The street kid quenched, his immune system gets stronger.

Step 4:

Do not enter into the infant diet of new products during the epidemic. They may have a food allergy, which saps the strength of children's body. If the child is breastfed, the mother should continue to breastfeed even if she was ill. In this case the mother should wear a cotton-gauze bandage in contact with the baby and reduce the time to communicate with the baby to a minimum, instructing relatives or care nurse. Before you take the baby in his hands, wash your hands thoroughly with antiseptic soap and dry it thoroughly.

Step 5:

Crumbs moisturize nasal passages, such as brine. Consult with the local pediatrician, he may appoint a prophylactic antiviral drugs. For example, advise you to grease nose oxolinic ointment baby. But any prevention of the common cold should be supervised by a specialist.

Step 6:

Adhere to the crib small gauze bag with finely chopped garlic. Good fight viruses aromatic oils. For example, tea tree oil and eucalyptus are good antiseptics.