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How to protect your child in a divorce

Divorce of parents - is a tragedy not only for them. In most cases, suffer from it all close: parents separated couples, families. And most importantly - very badly affected children. No matter how deep the disagreements were parents before the break, you must make every effort to protect the nervous system of the child and help him get through a divorce.

How to protect your child in a divorce

Instruction how to protect the child in a divorce

Step 1:

As hard as it was not on your mind, pay more attention to their child. During a divorce, he is in need of attention and love of both parents.

Step 2:

Be honest with your child. Silence and secrecy does not help to overcome psychological difficulties after a divorce. But do not start a high-profile showdown with the child.

Step 3:

Do not remove your bad mood on the child. Do not take vengeance on little man for the offense that caused you spouse.

Step 4:

Explain to your child that he is not to blame for your separation that your relationship does not affect the attitude towards him that Mom and Dad love and will love it still.

Step 5:

Do not blame all the troubles of her husband. When the child explain the reasons for breaking up, do not blame the former half. When a child grows up, he will understand all over himself.

Step 6:

Do not draw the child in the settlement of the conflict between the parents, causing the baby to take the side of one of you. Such manipulation is bad impact on his mind and be sure to come back to you like a boomerang.

Step 7:

Try to do everything to save human relationship with the former spouse. Encourage him to communicate with the child. The child should be able to seek help from any of the parents, even if some of them live alone.

Step 8:

If you create a new family, do not ask a child to love his stepmother or stepfather. Let the new spouse is better to try to become a good friend for your son or daughter.

Step 9:

If you can not handle yourself with the psychological problems of the child after divorce, seek professional help. If the baby does not tell you about their experiences, it does not mean that they are not. The psychologist will help the child to speak, to talk about the issues troubling him will not inward.

Step 10:

Do not go to extremes, mutilating himself, once beloved wife, and most importantly, a small, no innocent person. Children should not pay for the mistakes of their parents.