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How to pull out a tooth child

Baby teeth begin to fall from about the age of five. First stagger front teeth - the upper and lower incisors. Babies usually enjoy it. They are glad that soon become adults. On the loss of a tooth takes about a week. Somebody shakes and pulls his own, and someone needed help from their parents.

How to pull out a tooth child

You will need:

- thread; - door knob; - Dentistry.

Instruction how to pull a tooth child

Step 1:

Some children at the same time fall a few teeth, and at others it may take years. Some first-graders can boast of two or three molars, and it happens sometimes that the only baby teeth become loose in eight years. All especially individually. Stagger teeth deliver a child a lot of inconvenience. That it is necessary to remove the tooth, but often children can not decide on it yourself, afraid of pain and blood.

Step 2:

Reassure her son or daughter. Say tooth is already old, he on nothing holds only a thin plenochke. Just one sharp movement, and it will not, you put the tooth in a box or "will give a mouse."

Step 3:

If the child is still afraid, ask them to trust you, because you are an adult and you know everything. You also have baby teeth, and they are likewise staggered and fell. Ask your kid to lie on your lap, put his head and open his mouth. Firmly grip the tooth fingers. Sharply pull over.

Step 4:

Listen to your child. If he says that he is in pain, it requires you to stop, you stop. Otherwise it will always be afraid of dentists.

Step 5:

Try to tie a string around the tooth and pull staggering for it. It is also possible to attach the string to the door handle and close the door sharply.

Step 6:

Refer to the dentist in the children's dental clinic. Modern private clinics have everything they need to make removal and dental treatment as painless as possible.

Step 7:

Near dental chairs at the level of children's eyes are set monitors, which shows cartoons. Perhaps your child will not even notice that the doctor removed his loose tooth, it's a matter of two seconds.

Step 8:

Now dentists use laughing gas during medical procedures. The child is wearing a mask for a few seconds, which is fed through a special composition. It has a soothing effect, suppresses the feeling of fear and pain.