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How to put a baby

Most days newborn baby remains in a dream. And happy those parents whose children do not experience sleep problems. But if the child sleeps poorly, often wakes up, capricious, it affects not only his health but also on the condition of the parents. How to put baby to sleep and provide a healthy sleep for him and his mom and dad?

How to put a baby

Instruction how to put the baby

Step 1:

For the baby a very important role plays compliance regime. Always put your baby to bed at the same time. Soon, this process becomes habitual, and the baby to him he starts to fall asleep on time.

Step 2:

Bathe the child directly before bedding. A warm bath has a relaxing effect, after the baby fall asleep faster.

Step 3:

Quite often, the child goes to sleep next to you, in the parent's bed. And you do not know how to shift the baby in his own bed, so he did not wake up. Being close to the mother, the child feels its soothing warmth. And if you shift it to the bed is cold, he must wake up due to temperature change. Warm baby crib using heating pads and only shifted into it.

Step 4:

Take the child in his arms and feed. After the baby ate, do not rush to put him to bed. Shake baby, softly singing his song. The rhythmic swinging, the sound of your heart, quiet melody calming effect on the crumb and help him sleep soundly. Remarkably, if the baby is sleeping in the cradle even if he zakapriznichal night, you can always reassure him, just held out his hand and shook his crib.

Step 5:

The child continues to act up, and my mother is stronger shakes and shakes him in her arms. It seems everything is in order, in the end, the baby fell asleep. Kids act up, when very tired, and your not shaking relaxes him, but only prevents cry. If you constantly strongly shake the baby, he will get used to this method and to sleep will only be when very tired. And you each time to shake it all longer than that, ultimately, will not benefit you or him.

Step 6:

Very good little children sleep in the open air. Before going to bed take a walk with your child, and if this is not possible, ventilate the room in which sleep your baby.