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How to put a child on a waiting list to kindergarten

In many cities there is a shortage of available places in kindergartens. Parents begin to think about how to put the child on the waiting list to kindergarten since the advent of the baby born. At present, almost every major city there was a convenient way to sign up for a day care center - electronic queue.

How to put a child on a waiting list to kindergarten

Instruction how to put the child on the waiting list to kindergarten

Step 1:

Once you get the birth certificate, get online the official website of the city administration. In it, select the relevant section of the preschool. Next, you need to act according to the prompts, t. E. To fill in the appropriate columns for raising the child on the waiting list.

Step 2:

Data entry starts with information about the surname, name and patronymic of the child and the issue of his birth certificate. Fill in the data as well as information about parents (name and passport details). You will need to make a registration address and contact phone number for information on the status of the application and number of turns. You can also specify an e-mail to be sent information on line promotion. If you belong to a privileged category, fill in the appropriate section. This group includes children from large families, children -.. People with disabilities, adopted children, etc., and a complete list can be found in sections of the city administration website or in the district education department. In a statement about the benefits be prepared to confirm the information with the personal visit of the Regional Department of Education within 30 days of the filing of electronic applications for all.

Step 3:

After filling in data about the child and the parents, the system will check the authenticity of the document numbers and assigns the application ID number. After logging in you will be notified. The date of statement on the queue will be the date of assignment of the numbers. Regularly check on the number, the progress of all.

Step 4:

If your city does not even set the system to turn in kindergarten through e-registration, use the traditional way. To do this, come to the District Board of Education with the passport and birth certificate and copies of these documents. After receiving the call queue periodically in the District Board Room and wondered what progress queue. As a rule, there are significant advancements in the period from May to September, when there is a complete set of groups in kindergartens.