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How to put a cot

In your house there was a kid. And along with it there was a problem: how to put a cot that the child felt comfortable? After all, nothing should disturb his sleep. From how well the child is getting enough sleep, and depends largely on his health.

How to put a cot

Instruction how to put a cot

Step 1:

Many experts agree that the first six months of life the baby is better to sleep in one bed with my mother. Such contact is essential for his mental health and mental development. If you believe that sleep soundly without tossing and turning in his sleep - are inclined to this option. The kid is calm, constantly feeling next to her mother's presence.

Step 2:

If you decide that a child from birth must have its own, separate room, then immediately determine what place it will be set aside for cots. Note cot in any case should not be placed near a heater. Kids suffer worse overheating than a minor hypothermia.

Step 3:

Carpets and books - remarkable collections of dust and drives. Therefore, next to the nursery bed should be neither one nor the other. Upon contact with dust from the child may appear different allergic reactions. Better to play it safe!

Step 4:

Before the crib should not go odors. Especially the tobacco smell. Remember that strong smelling plants have no place in the children's room. The child spends a lot of time in the dream and the neighborhood "zapashistyh 'plants, many of which are also toxic, it is undesirable.

Step 5:

Fresh air has a great influence on sleep. Of course, do not put a crib in the draft, but note that the room where it is located, should be well ventilated.

Step 6:

The room in which to sleep your baby needs to be insulated from excessive noise and loud noises from the street. But do not overdo it, do not create a perfect silence. Otherwise, in the future your child will suffer from the slightest noise, and his dream will be anxious and restless.

Step 7:

Now your baby still quite a pipsqueak. But the day is near when he will begin to move around the bed. Think about security issues, how to put it, so that the child could not reach the outlet, table lamps and other electrical appliances.