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How to put an enema nursing baby

Constipation in infants - a fairly common phenomenon. But when it becomes a problem and brings discomfort to the kid, always consult a doctor. He will most likely prescribe an enema child.

How to put an enema nursing baby

Instruction how to put an enema nursing baby

Step 1:

Most modern pediatricians urge parents not to abuse the use of enemas. If constipation does not last long and does not bother the child, it is better not to hurry with the enema, and wait until the baby will do everything himself. If the doctor still prescribed this tool, be careful, but try not to worry, because the kids feel your nervousness.

Step 2:

Spread oilcloth, top, cover it with a towel. Keep close to the pot.

Step 3:

Prepare an enema. For infants safer to use an enema with a rubber tip. Fill the bulb with water completely, not to enter into the intestine Child excess air. Here you need to enter approximately 100 g of liquid. If the child more years - can be larger, up to 250, the water temperature should be close to body temperature. Pharmacies also sell disposable enema with a special solution. They are suitable for newborns. End enema necessarily grease glycerol, Vaseline, soap or cream to prevent damage to the anus.

Step 4:

Place your baby on his side and his legs retighten the chin. Enter enema slowly to the baby not to worry and started to twitch and the whole process is not violated. Approximate depth to which you should promote a tip -. 3-5 cm Squeeze the bulb slowly, gently, without sudden movements. The rectum is reduced in waves, so when you feel resistance, wait, do not press hard.

Step 5:

After the water has been introduced, pull the tip of the enema anus. We must try to hold the liquid in the intestines. The child will reflexively push it, but you can gently squeeze the buttocks grudnichka. For a couple of minutes and it softens feces come out.

Step 6:

If the water did not come out after 15-20 minutes, or come out, but no stool, repeat the procedure again.