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How to put baby to sleep. 4 simple rules

Strong, healthy and peaceful sleep of the child - the basis of proper emotional, mental and physical development. As well as a guarantee of good mood parents. If you follow these simple but effective rules, you will greatly facilitate the transition from waking the baby to sleep and make life easier for yourself.

How to put baby to sleep. 4 simple rules

1 rule. It is necessary to establish a permanent early bedtime. 

A child bouncing around the apartment at 11 pm - overworked kid. His nervous system was overexcited due to the fact that parents do not put him to sleep a couple of hours ago. If you put your child is too late, his overwrought nervous system will be more difficult to adjust to the sleep mode. Falling asleep will last longer. And restless sleep is possible with awakenings. And if the baby lay sleeping in one and the same time, the babe body will feel tired to the point when you start preparing for bed, the child will be "ripen" to sleep at set times of you. 

The same applies to natural sleep. The kid will fall asleep more easily if there is a schedule and a clear time quiet hours.

2 rule. Adherence of the day. 

Sleep - it is only one episode of the day of the child's life (or rather two - day and night). But it is influenced by a variety of events and factors with it neighboring time. Active games, food, classes must alternate around the same time. If you install a competent daily routine, you will greatly simplify the process of your baby falling asleep.

3 rule. Create "ritual" bedtime.

Ritual - just sounds menacing. Come up with 3-4 easy steps prior to laying in bed. They should be repeated every day. For example, reading a book - teeth cleaning - Turn off the light in the aquarium - a pot - bed. Or bathtub - pajamas - pot - a fairy tale or a lullaby in bed. The sooner you create your ritual (you can start with 3 months of age), the faster the work will begin this scheme. First, it is a barely visible path in the thicket, but you go through it every day, intact. And after a while it becomes a trodden path on which the child can easily get to the sweet sleep. And the ritual - a wonderful opportunity to talk with the baby, to discuss developments during the day, and talk to the kid about the plans for tomorrow.

4. The child should go to bed already sleepy, but not asleep.

Teach your baby to fall asleep on their own. Kids under 2 years old are often awake between sleep phases. So the kid who knows how to fall asleep alone in the evening, just turn over on the other flank, and the one who is accustomed to sleep in the arms of my mother, and my mother will call. The fact that it is not good either for the baby or for mom to say it is not necessary.

How to put baby to sleep - not a difficult question. Parents only need consistency. Kids are very quickly become accustomed to any changes. Be consistent and affectionate.