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How to put baby to sleep at night

Place the child on the night's sleep - a problem that parents have to deal with every night for several years. The first time with the laying can be difficulties, but the establishment of rituals prior to sleep, will eventually reduce them to nothing.

How to put baby to sleep at night

You will need:

- establish a system of laying rites;

Instruction how to put the baby to sleep at night

Step 1:

Sleep-wake rhythms are formed at each child individually, to adjust them quite difficult, it is easier to adapt to them. Watch for the baby to vote, at what time in the evening, he starts to get tired. At this time, and you need to go to bed. It is important not to miss this moment, do not give the child "peregulyat". This baby you can not long put, and his nervous system is overloaded, it can lead to tantrums and crying.

Step 2:

Just before bedtime, start to reduce gaming activity. Instead of running around and dancing ask your child to read a book quietly.

Step 3:

Think of a ritual or a few rituals for bedtime. It may be a warm bubble bath or essential oils, gentle massage or gymnastics. See what is right for you. Sometimes swimming, on the contrary, invigorates the child, then it is better to bathe his day, and come up with something else before going to bed.

Step 4:

Have your child put to bed his favorite toys. This will prepare him for the fact that soon he will fall asleep.

Step 5:

Get ready for bed. Turn off the lights in the room and tell the kid that now everyone will go to bed, because it's time. If baby sleeps with you in the same bed, then go with it. If a child sleeps in his own bed, just sit down beside him.

Step 6:

Sing him a lullaby, or tell a story. Maybe the child will want to discuss plans for the next day or vice versa, to talk about the day past.

Step 7:

During sleep your child is important tactile contact with his mother. Hug him and ironed, if the kid does not mind.