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How to put grudnichka

Many mothers often get tired with their babies. To help you, you need a good night's sleep. I give you a story about how to lay your baby to sleep and enjoy themselves in peace and quiet.

How to put grudnichka

1. To the baby slept well during the night, try to wash it and put to bed at the same time. Then the child develop mode.

2. The most common sleep grudnichki about her mother's breast. No need to panic, in which nothing serious. Therefore, before going to bed more often let the baby's chest. When breastfeeding babies feel secure and safe.

3. Before going to bed a lot of play with your baby. Try before going to bed on the night stand waking hour interval 3-4. Do not let the baby sleep.

4. Many are also afraid to rock the baby to sleep. Of course, when a baby is a big - it's useless, but while he was still chest, you need as much as possible to make bodily contact and to be side by side.

5. For the kids the most useful and sound sleep in the street. So do not forget to frequently walk in the fresh air. On the walk the baby recovers proper breathing, which is very important and useful for the small body.

6. If you want your child strong and quiet sleep, then turn off before going a bright light, do be quiet, or even turn on the TV to quiet music. The music is better to choose either classical or nature sounds. You can also do sing a song or tell a story.

7. To the child feel your warmth and care - kiss it before going to bed. Here are the simple rules, but rather tips for young mothers.