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How to put injections to children

For the injection the child is not enough to be proficient in technology setting the injection. In addition to knowledge of art requires knowledge of child psychology. After all, children - it is a group of patients who are the most vulnerable and defenseless, which require special attention and participation. And nerves of steel are required to withstand children's tears, which often accompany the procedure.

How to put injections to children

Instruction how to put injections to children

Step 1:

Compliance with some action sequences staged at the injection site as a child will be helpful layperson and healthcare provider: To put injections to children in the form to the office or other place setting injection interesting and original. Use bright posters, arrange beautiful toys.

Step 2:

Please talk with your child on abstract themes. Involve your child in a dialogue with you. It is necessary to weaken the vigilance of the little man and distract him from his unpleasant thoughts about the upcoming shot. And no matter how old the child, even babies respond to kind words and gentle voice.

Step 3:

Give the child a subject that interested him for some time. This may be an unusual toy, book or a medical syringe without a needle. Turn on or cartoon child transmission, if available.

Step 4:

Proceed quickly and clearly. Prepare a syringe with medicine. Grease a place to prick rubbing alcohol or an antiseptic solution of the skin. Make an injection. During the administration of the drug continue to distract the baby talk. If you make a shot quite a small child, then use a loud and sharp sounds to distract the child. To put injections to children, be sure to sign in their position and think of themselves in a similar situation as a child.

Step 5:

Once the procedure is completed, praise the child, regardless of its reaction to the injection. Tell me, what he done, what he is brave and strong child, he is not afraid of injections and perfectly withstood the injection. Praise, even if the child is crying and afraid.

Step 6:

Finally Emphasize that put a shot turned out not painful and does not need to be afraid of it next time. If a child is crying, do it after he calmed down. Get the child the answer is that it does not really hurt.