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How to put the kids to bed in the nursery

For a rest children in preschool educational institution they need sleep. To do this, scroll to the day a special time in kindergarten - sonchas. It lasts depending on the age of 1.5 to 3 hours. Educators is very important time to put the kids to bed.

How to put the kids to bed in the nursery

Instruction how to put the kids to bed in the nursery

Step 1:

For preschoolers promptly went to sleep in the daytime, the tutor must be strictly observed in the group schedule. It promotes the development of physiological habits in children. The body gets used to a certain preschoolers sequence regime moments. At that moment, when the time comes sonchasa, the child's body is ready for a day of rest. Unacceptable deviation from the agenda, as it will negatively affect the physiological state of the baby.

Step 2:

Before you put the kids to bed, they should reassure. Organize a quiet game (for example, board games - nursery rhymes, etc..). Read a book for children. Quiet activities allow children to make a smooth transition from active play to rest.

Step 3:

Be sure to arrange water treatment. Spend pouring down, which not only ensure compliance with hygiene requirements, but will also contribute to hardening of the children. In cold weather, possibly wiping using terry mittens.

Step 4:

Note the light in the bedroom. It needs to be subdued, the curtains closed whenever possible.

Step 5:

Of great importance is the color of walls, ceilings, window curtains (or blinds) in the bedroom. The colors should be bright, so as not to excite kids unstable psyche. Use for decoration bedroom pastel, calm tones.

Step 6:

Turn on quiet music to children (eg, lullabies, classical pieces). It will allow the children to calm down and relax. In addition, listening to music will contribute to the aesthetic education of preschool children.

Step 7:

In the bedroom, talk to children calmly. During sonchasa unacceptable cries, noise, loud conversations. Teach children to calm tone. This will create a peaceful atmosphere in the group.