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How to put to sleep year-old child

Two years - this is a wonderful and interesting age. But there is no mother in the world, in front of which there was no question as to lay his two-year baby to sleep. All are faced with this problem. What are the ways to put your child to sleep?

How to put to sleep year-old child

You will need:

Books with fairy tales and poems, lullabies knowledge and patience.

Instruction how to put to sleep year-old child

Step 1:

Two years - this is the age when a child begins to actively explore the world. He had to keep moving, to play. The kid just does not sit on the ground, is seen by many mothers. For a child to sleep well, he needs to do something with their energy supply, otherwise it will be impossible to put to bed any day, not at night. A dream is just and necessary to restore this energy.

Step 2:

Teach your child to the regime. As in kindergarten. When the child is accustomed to the regime, he already knows that after a walk to dinner and sleep. And in the evening - a walk, dinner, water treatment and sleep.

Step 3:

Be sure to walk with your child at bedtime. Let him run about with the other kiddies, ride a roller coaster, swing on the swings. After a walk put the child will be a lot easier. But make sure that the child is not overtired, otherwise it will be difficult to fall asleep.

Step 4:

Create all the conditions of the child to sleep. Before going to sleep necessarily ventilate the room. For the child, as the pediatricians say the optimal room temperature 18-20 degrees with humidity of 50-70%.

Step 5:

If it is daytime sleep - turn off the TV, zaveste curtains. If you put to bed for the night - the night light switch.

Step 6:

If you are not stacked baby in the crib and on your bed or couch, then lie down beside him. If the bed - sit down beside him.

Step 7:

Children are very important to presence of the mother before going to sleep. Some kiddies enough that mom just lie down next to a couple of minutes. Some are even in the age of two has rocked - it is self-indulgence. From birth, it is not necessary to teach to motion sickness.

Step 8:

At this age, children are like fairy tales, poems. Read a favorite book kid, tell a story, sing a lullaby.

Step 9:

Gently stroke the forehead little one - it soothes.

Step 10:

Put the baby to bed in a good mood, the baby did not cry and did not cry. Before going to bed one of your own ritual. For example, show your child that all go to bed with the help of the poem. Read the verse, and be a little one picture where all go to bed or already asleep. One of these poems is called "Lullaby for Bunny".