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How to raise a child diligence

Vaccinate your child a love of work is necessary from early childhood. With a little effort, you raise a child, which in the future will be your main assistant.

How to raise a child diligence

Instruction how to raise a child diligence

Step 1:

Very little tot is gradually taught how self-service. Encourage your child to wash yourself, use a towel, brushing teeth and buttoning. At first have to help him, but be patient, soon he will learn to do it all himself.

Step 2:

Personal example - the best teacher. Hardly a family lazy and passive parents baby grow workaholic. Do not repulse a child, if he wants to help you, or just to see what you're doing. Show and tell him what you are doing and why. Thus, you transfer the baby experience.

Step 3:

Instruct your child perform simple household chores. Start with simple tasks. Teach him to clean up his toys, dishes from the table, watering indoor plants, take care of his shoes and put in a closet clothes.

Step 4:

Share with the young hostess secrets of cooking, and my father let his son devote the subtleties of men's work. Although this conventional division, if a boy wants to learn how to cook, help him in this.

Step 5:

When children grow up, they are often asked to buy them a pet. Agree on the condition that part of the duties of the animal baby care will take over. Responsibility and care of the favorite of discipline the child and allow to feel the importance and significance of his work.

Step 6:

Consider the individual characteristics and age of the child. He should not get out of breath, carrying out your assignment. Be sure to praise and thank the child for work done. Encourage your kid labor initiative and rejoice together with it quality of the assignment. Think of a small reward for the performance of particularly difficult assignments.

Step 7:

Never punish a child labor: "You have not listened to punish wash the floor in my room." This will only discourage the desire to work and help their parents. Do not immediately subjected to rigorous criticism of the result of child labor, just tactfully explain and show how to perform a particular job.