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How to raise a child fortunate

Difficulties and hardships - the reality faced by people on their path of life. Often, in others it creates the false impression that some lucky people are always lucky. In fact, as a rule, does not carry whiners and pessimists, only complaining of vicissitudes. In contrast, optimists look trouble in the face, calmly analyze the situation and overcome obstacles. To your child is always lucky, try to teach him how to enjoy life.

How to raise a child fortunate

Instruction how to raise a child fortunate

Step 1:

Optimists live in this world much easier, they are easier to cope with difficulties and solve complex problems. To teach your child to enjoy life, always try to notice and emphasize all the good things around you: bright sun, beautiful flowers, green grass, the birds singing, frosty patterns on glass, etc. Try to find the positive around you, and in bad weather, and in the difficult days.

Step 2:

From an early age teach toddler autonomy to the extent of its capabilities. If crumb something he wants to do, let him at least try. There is a spoon, put on sandals, water the flowers, etc. It is never too early. The child still does not work alone, it starts to get nervous - just in time to come to the aid, comfort, help me find the error. Treat all his affairs and children's issues seriously, trying to understand and support the crumbs. For the little man is very important to know what loving parents - and even his best friend, to whom he can turn for advice and help at any time.

Step 3:

Praise your baby is not only the result itself, but also for their efforts. But praise should be present only for the real achievements. This approach will help the crumbs to understand that in order to reach the goal, you need to work thoroughly.

Step 4:

Do not remove their anger on the child, if you have a bad mood. Minimize all the negative manifestations: increased or mandative tone, value judgments and comparisons with other children. Teach your toddler not to focus on negative experiences. Negotiate with him all the difficult situation, trying to understand why there is an event, how to avoid or prevent its recurrence.

Step 5:

Learn crumbs to meet and interact with peers, share toys, to give gifts. Optimists are able to overcome the obstacles on their own, or relying on the friendly support. By the way, it is very important and the ability to ask for help or advice from a friend. Single, not able to find like-minded people and friends, is unlikely to be lucky and be able to achieve much.