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How to raise a child in a responsible

Responsibility - a complex quality that includes concepts such as conscience, honesty, willingness to answer to themselves and society for the consequences of their actions. At the age of 3 - 4 years, the child is already aware of himself as a person and, therefore, the time has come the responsibility of education.

How to raise a child in a responsible

Instruction in how to raise a child responsibility

Step 1:

Encourage taking the initiative. Young children are very curious, fascinated them even that work which for you is a daily routine. While cleaning the apartment entrust your child to wipe the dust off the shelves, sweep the mat, water flowers. Do not regret the time spent, be patient, and then will turn to cleaning a baby expected in the game. He will be happy to assist you. And you do not forget to praise him, stressing that only through his help in the house so clean and cozy. And now you have more free time for walks in the park with your child or reading fairy tales.

Step 2:

Try to bring up the child a sense of respect, not only to know, but to outsiders it to people. Explain how ugly looks from disrespect. A child needs to understand why you can not make noise when someone is sleeping, or complains of a headache. Why must say thank you to my grandmother for a cooked breakfast. Why should you greet neighbors.

Step 3:

Teach your child to appreciate things. Instead broken toys do not rush to buy a new one. Say, "Honey, we do not have the money to buy other toys. Try to be careful with their belongings. " Gradually, the child will understand the importance of respect for my things, especially for him.

Step 4:

Another important quality is the ability to keep his word. Educate it is necessary, first of all by example. Never promise a child is impossible. Remember that you are an example to follow. And if you have promised him to spend the holiday together, to go to the pool, to buy ice cream, try to keep his word. Otherwise, in the future, you may be faced with the reluctance to carry out the promised already by their adult children.

Step 5:

Note that in the upbringing of such qualities as responsibility, the child should not be faced with the contradictions. One minor concession can ruin months of hard work. Persevere, but without coarseness. Praise your child, but without excess. Believe me, your work will bring you a sense of pride in your child responsible.