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How to raise a child in a single-parent family

At the words "happy childhood" in front of the eyes there is a complete image of a friendly family where mom bakes delicious cakes, and my father walks with the child on a fishing trip or football. But not everyone is so lucky, and for various reasons, there are quite a lot of single-parent families. After a divorce, children are often raised by his mother and father, in the best case, communicates with them on weekends. How to properly educate the child, if he lives in a single-parent family?

How to raise a child in a single-parent family

Instruction how to raise a child in an incomplete family

Step 1:

If you broke up with the father of the child before the birth of the baby or when he was still crumbs, do not invent stories about the deceased pilot-hero. When his father suddenly "resurrected" and decides to communicate with the child, the kid will understand that you lied to him, and no longer trust you.

Step 2:

Do not indulge the whims of all children in an attempt to compensate for the lack of fatherly love. There is a danger of the child to grow up selfish, not noticing the interests and needs of others.

Step 3:

Do not fall into the other extreme, too strictly nurturing the baby, thinking that he did not spoil a man's hand tight. Be kind and fair, children need care and support, not constant carping and criticism. Needless to stringent requirements for a child can lead to conflict and protest on his part, during all need a reasonable measure.

Step 4:

No matter how painful the your divorce, do not let the child's communication with her father. Allow them to meet at least once a week, the father in the life of the baby plays a less important role than the mother. Be patient, because the peace and welfare of the child is more important than mutual resentment and hostility.

Step 5:

Be sure to talk with your baby. Very well, if the conversation will be attended by both parents. Reassure the child that you love him at all, no less than before, despite the fact that now live separately with his dad.

Step 6:

If the former spouse does not want to communicate with the baby, do not splash out on the child's personal problems or adjust it against his father, saying, What Dad villain and a scoundrel. Tell your child that this situation is because Dad could not or would not do otherwise, and you need to accept it and try not to blame his father. Do not promise that my father would return. Do not give false hopes, because the baby will be constantly waiting for his father, and harass you with endless questions.

Step 7:

Be tactful and patient, because sometimes a child brought up in single-parent family, where there is love and understanding, can be very fruitful.