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How to raise a child in kindness

Paying attention to mental and physical development of the child, we should not forget about the spiritual, personal development, implying the assimilation of a child of the moral and ethical principles, the formation of his human qualities. Personal development occurs when the baby grows up, changing his inner world and his very behavior. But bring up the baby in the best human qualities - kindness and mercy, you need at an early age.

How to raise a child in kindness

Instruction how to raise a child kindness

Step 1:

All that hears and sees a child in the earliest years of his life, deposited in his memory. From an early age encourage your child sensitive emotional perception of nature. It is important that he not only saw the beauty of nature, but also feel it, enjoy it. Each walk is required to observe a baby picture of the world. Try to make him interested in the natural beauty of comprehension. That bright fragrant flowers, velvet grass, yellow leaves, sleepy birches, diamond dew, rainbow over the field ... It's a result of the form he is not only high aesthetic, but also the spiritual culture, the ability to preserve the beauty of his native land.

Step 2:

To develop personally, a child needs not only to consume. Try to arrange his life so that the baby could both take and give. He should be serious permanent responsibilities: to do something around the house of someone to care. In no case do not make crumbs. Manage to arrange it so that the kid he wanted to help because it increases his status in the family and is the respect of others.

Step 3:

Think of your child chores and make sure that he had them served with pleasure. Remarkably, if you have a pet at home. The kid can make sure that in the cat bowl has always been a water display with you to walk the dog, water the flowers.

Step 4:

The street show your child how to feed the birds seeds or bread, ask them to try to do it yourself. This crumbs tell how grateful a bird, it is difficult to find his own food. In winter, with the crumbs make bird feeders and unpack them food.

Step 5:

Teach crumb take care of you, Grandma, Grandpa. Let it will be some little things - it is important that he felt as a pleasure - to help my mother, for someone to care. Explain crumbs that people as well as animals and the flowers, need love and care, if this is not enough to them, they become surly and evil - these people need to feel sorry for, treat them with understanding, because they simply do not have enough love. Tells the kid that in all situations, as in the fairy tales, winning only good people, listen to their opinion, they are respected. These people do not hold a grudge, a pure soul, always live happily and long.