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How to raise a child's love of reading

For the harmonious development of the child is necessary to instill in him a love for reading. It is important to explain to him that reading the book will open up a lot of useful and will tell about the amazing things that can be an interesting journey into the world of fairy tales, or the study of animal life.

How to raise a child's love of reading

You will need:

- bright, interesting books for independent reading of the first; - A selection of books for different age and category; - Knizhknye shelves for children's books.

Instruction how to raise a child's love of reading

Step 1:

To bring up the baby love to read books, it is important to give him the very example. A child is unlikely to fall in love with books, if your house is inhabited only by the glossy magazines, and all the free time in the evening and passes in front of a TV or computer. Arrange family sometimes literary evenings, read aloud a book, share your impressions.

Step 2:

Instill a love for reading books it is necessary at an early age. Tells the kid stories, poems, sing songs. Let your child books made of cardboard, with the child look at the pictures and comment on them a little story. An exciting experience for the baby to be cardboard book with voluminous illustrations, reveals on each page. Let the kid will understand that the book - it is a fascinating journey into the world of fairy tales.

Step 3:

The first books for independent reading should be with bright illustrations, comfortable font size, an interesting plot and small in volume. The book should inspire and motivate children.

Step 4:

Help your child with a selection of books. Pick books according to the child's age. Do not get ahead of ourselves and offer children a complex literature, designed for older children. It may be too difficult to grasp or boring, and the child will be gone hunting read.

Step 5:

When choosing books for your child, try not to focus on one topic. Books should be different - fairy tales, adventures, stories about animals. Giving a child the right to choose, unobtrusively offer him to read other literature.

Step 6:

Get your child his own corner for his books. It can be one or more shelves in your large bookcase. Shelves for books for children should be placed on the child's level of growth, so that he could at any time to get the book and read it.

Step 7:

If the child does not want to read on their own, try to interest him. Pick up a book and start reading it aloud. Stay at the most interesting moment, and tell your child that if he wants to know what happened next, let alone read. Interested in the development of the child to continue reading the story on their own.

Step 8:

Talk with your child about reading the book. Let him briefly describe the content or especially important points. Discuss the main characters, their behavior, draw conclusions about the read. Such discussions are very useful for the development of a child's speech, the ability to highlight important and express their thoughts, make your own conclusions.