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How to raise a child's self-sufficiency

From early childhood, parents try to teach a child to dress themselves, ie, to use the potty, lace up shoes. This training is often associated with some hassle and children's tears. And is it important? After all, every normal person, sooner or later learn this elementary vescham.Priuchaya child to physical autonomy, do not forget about the intellectual and volitional independence. Teach your son or daughter to make informed choices.

How to raise a child's self-sufficiency

Instruction how to raise a child's self-sufficiency

Step 1:

To accustom children to self-selection is more important than the spoon or the pot. Even if your child is still very small - do not decide everything for him. Give him the freedom to choose. Going for a walk with your baby, ask where he wants to walk: on the hill or in the sandbox? What he put on a jacket: red or green? What he wants to eat for dinner: baked pudding or cottage cheese? Then the child will not be childish, to learn to make decisions, accustomed to think and act himself.

Step 2:

Trust your child small tasks in accordance with their age and capabilities. For example: get help and put the purchase of bags, to put things in the washing machine. And be sure to praise and encourage him, even if he has not yet obtained all. Kid will feel that you appreciate his help and want to try another one.

Step 3:

Encourage your child to acquire their own experience. Kid disassemble the parts a new car, not because he wanted to break it, but because he wants to know how it is arranged. Allow your child to take risks. Of course, within reasonable limits. Try less often use the phrase: "Come on! Broke! To get dirty! Do not run! Do not jump!"

Step 4:

Grown up child trust regular, small but important tasks. For example, let him feed the fish every day, watering the flowers, pours water in a dog or cat. Of course, the first time you have to monitor the baby, or the flowers wither, and the fish may die. Remind him when he forgets. And, again, do not forget to praise him, tell guests what you assistant is growing, thanks to whom such beautiful flowers bloom on your windowsill.

Step 5:

The main thing is be yourself as a positive example. After all, the child forms itself according to your image and likeness. If you are independent, self-motivated and optimistic - a son or daughter is required to derive from your good example of the positive lessons.