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How to raise a child, so he obeyed

The vast majority of parents faced with the disobedience of the child. It does not help any threat or persuasion. To bad behavior did not develop into a serious problem, you should know some of the subtleties of parenting.

How to raise a child, so he obeyed

Instruction how to raise a child to obey

Step 1:

Be consistent. If you have set family rules, which can not violate the child stand on his own. Do not let her daughter to sort out your jewelry and make-up when you have a good mood, and scolded her for it the next day, after the spirits have gone bad.

Step 2:

Do not talk too much. Adults know such a psychological trick: when the boss for half an hour in the strongest terms explains to you how you are wrong, you can imagine that you are sitting on the beach, and the chef swearing drowns out the sound of waves and seagulls. This trick will save you from stress. But if you yell at a child for a long time and with pleasure in reproaching him for the broken vase, baby also "turn off". Try to express their claims concise and accessible.

Step 3:

The more a child's inhibitions, the more opportunities to break them. Try to create a kid friendly and supportive environment. Help him to make friends with a company with which you are not afraid to leave the little man to walk, remove the chemicals on the mezzanine, and you do not have to forbid the child to open the cabinet. The less restrictions, the less reason for bad behavior.

Step 4:

Do not ask the child's instant execution of your orders. Imagine how your spouse tells you, "Drop your business quickly and make me pilaf!". Surely you would not like such a command and disregard for your own pursuits. Do not allow yourself to such behavior, and in relation to the child. Ask him to clean up the dishes after he will draw a picture, or during the day add up scattered toys.

Step 5:

Trust your child. If relatives gave him for his birthday railroad, do not go after him, and to remind you that with the toy should be handled carefully. After her baby break and realize that he could not play with her, and he himself will reflect on their behavior and the next time will be more careful to handle things without your reminders.

Step 6:

No matter how you raise a child, sometimes he still will not listen and capricious. Perfect "taming", as in the case of a dog, can not help you. Be prepared for this and consider this fact even during the baby planning.