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How to raise a child without a wife

"Lone fathers" - a phenomenon in modern life quite often. According to statistics, every eighth family - fathers, growers of their children without a mother. The reasons for which the father has to raise a child alone, a lot. This divorce, when the court decision the child remains with his father, and the death of his wife, mother and deprivation of parental rights.

How to raise a child without a wife

Instruction how to raise a child without a wife

Step 1:

First of all, pull yourself together. Do not go in themselves and are not confined to his own. It is not necessary to build a closed little world. Ask for advice from other women who are familiar to the families, colleagues and, of course, to stay with relatives.

Step 2:

Do not hesitate to contact the social services with their problems. In many cities, there are psychological support services. Look for like-minded people who come into contact with their fathers, found themselves in the same situation. single fathers Groups exist in all social networks, where you can find fellow sufferers and their city.

Step 3:

Pay attention to the budget. father's single status is largely yet to be determined, but because many of the benefits and compensation, required for single mothers, you will not be available. You may have to look for jobs somewhere.

Step 4:

Cut the gatherings in male company. All his spare time, pay child. It is always a father to the child partner and advisor in games, encouragement and support in difficult times. Do not forget the kid is going through separation from the mother is much stronger than you. Do not make him worry and frequent separation from you.

Step 5:

If you still often forced to part with the child due to the nature of your work, do not forget as often as possible to call him, write letters. Bring gifts and tell about the places where you've been. A child should always feel your care, attention, love, even if you are far away.

Step 6:

Do not limit communication with the mother, if it exists. No matter how hard you chat with a former spouse, try not to pass this negative child. This is especially important for the son. The ratio of the mother in the future affect the attitude towards the female sex in general, and to the beloved woman in particular.

Step 7:

You will have to take on the responsibilities of women, not only in the household, but also in the spiritual sphere. Create a home friendly, emotional atmosphere. Give your child more heat, a gentle caress.

Step 8:

Do not hesitate to hug him, to show his feelings. Tactile sensations are very important for the formation of the child's sense of security and peace of mind. Without these "calf tenderness" child will grow stale, rigid and unable to sympathize and empathize.

Step 9:

Properly arrange mode. The child should go to bed on time, on time to do homework and play. Try to keep the rest was mostly active and developing. It will become your reliable assistant sports. Record your child's sports section, together attended various competitions. Create your team. It will bring together and give you more points of contact.

Step 10:

In addition to sports and other important common interests - music, movies, books. Most opinions of the child's interests, do not refuse to communicate with him, citing employment. This will strengthen your relationship and create an atmosphere of trust and spiritual closeness.