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How to raise a daughter, happy

Folk wisdom says "not born beautiful ..." But what is said in the second part of the proverb, perhaps, will be more difficult visual appeal. To be born lucky, or rather become such difficult under the weight of the daily worries, anxieties, challenges. But who, if not the parents help the girl to understand that happiness is within us, and from external factors only slightly dependent.

How to raise a daughter, happy

Instruction how to raise a happy child

Step 1:

Increase daughter samootsenkuStarayas raise a child in accordance with the latest systems and high standards, parents often go too far with criticism. What is perceived by you as an innocent joke, the girl seems cruel derision. Do not criticize the daughter hurl especially avoid condemnation in the presence of her friends. Please refer to the rule, which brought Carnegie: "Be sincere in their evaluations and generous in his praise of" acute .Osobenno girls perceive criticism of her appearance. Even if it is now "the ugly duckling", no accent on this. Otherwise, external data change, and the feeling of unpleasantness will stay with her for life.

Step 2:

Cultivate it talantyNichto so is not conducive to finding yourself as a creative activity. Record your daughter to a dance, gymnastics, in art or music school. Do not insist on choosing a direction, give the girl an opportunity to choose what she liked. Pay attention to her creative impulses, do not refuse to listen to a song composed by his daughter, or read a poem written by her. Even if the work is far from perfect, get something to praise.

Step 3:

Interests of its chuvstvamiSchastliv one who is happy at home, spoke in ancient times. And they were right. The ability to build relationships with your loved ones - the key to a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in the family. Someday your little girl she becomes the mistress, and her shoulders lie care not only about cleanliness and comfort, but also the psychological atmosphere in dome.Horosho, if a child learns to speak openly about their feelings, learn to understand other people, listen to them to compromise. Do not dismiss her concerns, even if they seem to you trifling. Remember themselves in adolescence: separation from a fan or a quarrel with her friend seemed to end of the world. Let the girl learns to experience all facets of relationships with people, otherwise it will be closed and will start to be ashamed of their own feelings.