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How to raise a daughter without a father

Unfortunately, not every married couple can live "happily ever after." And most importantly, after the separation - maintain civilized relations for the sake of children. After all, they are affected by divorce are more. And mother had to work hard for the proper upbringing of children in single-parent family, in which they would not feel lonely.

How to raise a daughter without a father

Instruction how to raise a daughter without a father

Step 1:

The biggest mistake a sin single mother, is a wrong way of his father, which they plant their daughter. Rarely who manage to leave with the child's father without insults and mutual insults. And all the unspoken words personally, develop into a conversation with the child, which is in no way to blame. But he has to serve as a buffer between the mother's dislike of "former". But let's see if your former loved one was the villain, for what you loved him and were with him? These conversations you can only lose credibility in the eyes of a child and to be illegible fool. But the love of the father can only grow, as a victim, which had met this lady handling complaints.

Step 2:

The best option would be a neutral statement about the father of the child, especially if couples living together did not take place. On questioning daughter respond calmly, without valuation statements. Better if the conversation is in the key: "I wanted a baby, and I gave birth to him, and from your father had other plans for life. But I'm grateful for what I have you. " This option is suitable if the child's father did not take part in his upbringing. If the daughter is seen regularly with his father, he may have a different opinion about your separation. In this case, a spouse reach an agreement that you will stick to one version in the interests of your daughter. Although sometimes reach a compromise is very, very difficult, especially if you interfere, and other relatives.

Step 3:

Girls growing up in single-parent families without a father, it is difficult to learn how to build a proper relationship with the opposite sex. This can be seen in excessive shyness and, on the contrary, in hypersexuality. After all, the right model for men and women in his own family there before his eyes. Girls are afraid of boys company, if this is not in the immediate vicinity. Or make up for their lack of obsessive behavior. You have to understand that girls guilt in this. And it is not about deviant behavior, but about common childhood complexes and lack of parental love. And do not criticize, but to show that there are other facets of life in which there is a place of love and mutual respect. In many respects, the behavior of girls in this role was played by the fact that she had heard of men from you even in small age. And their fears, and sometimes hatred suffered during adolescence.