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How to raise a good child

Kind and caring child - is the pride of parents. Bringing up baby kind and considerate towards other people is quite possible, but it should be done in early childhood.

How to raise a good child

Instruction how to raise a child good

Step 1:

Explain to your child why some actions are good while others are bad. Spend a conversation on the subject of kindness, friendship and compassion. Tell him that there are good and bad people, and that the good to be much more pleasant. But remember that all conversations will be worthless without personal example of parents. The kid needs to see that you care about each other, sincerely sympathize with the victims and try to help them as far as possible.

Step 2:

Read your child instructive stories, poems and fairy tales, where the main character performs good deeds and protects the weak, the good always wins, and the wicked punished. See with your baby the old Soviet cartoons, which clearly reveal the theme of friendship and kindness.

Step 3:

Communication with pets is very beneficial for the upbringing and development of children positive character traits. When the baby gets older, leave him care for pet. Also kindness and friendship, caring for pets will help shape a child's sense of responsibility and compassion. If living conditions do not allow you to keep animals at home, go with your child to the shelter, where they live stray dogs and cats and take the patronage of one of the pupils.

Step 4:

Be sure to praise your baby for a good deed or to help other people. Bad action is also not lose sight of, be sure to tell your child that you are upset so its behavior and explain why it can not be done.

Step 5:

More often hug and kiss their children, they need to feel affection, love and care of their parents. The child must be sure that mom and dad, if necessary, will always come to their aid. In families that values ​​kindness to each other, children are less likely to grow angry and aggressive. Therefore, if you want to raise a good and kind child, do not skimp on the positive actions and emotions!