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How to raise a happy, healthy and confident children

Grow baby happy, healthy and confident - the dream of many parents. Universal recipes for this does not exist, every family goes to his goal on his way. However, some principles are universal enough.

How to raise a happy, healthy and confident children

You will need:

- healthy eating; - Fresh air; - Contacts a good pediatrician.

Instruction how to raise happy, healthy and confident children

Step 1:

Material possessions do not play the most important role in a child's life. But if the lack of toys compensate possible, without a minimum set of clothes and shoes, all the same, it does not succeed.

Step 2:

Pay attention to the family diet. Ensure adequate intake of necessary substances for the day. But products containing various chemical additives, colorings and flavorings better avoided. It is also important not to overfeed the baby, not to force to eat more than he wants to.

Step 3:

For healthy development follow the way of life of the child. Fresh air, sunshine and exercise are very useful for children's health.

Step 4:

A separate issue in the health issue - the interaction with the children's doctors. These children, who do not get sick, do not exist. In most cases, the body itself can cope with lung diseases - the common cold, flu. Unfortunately, some doctors consider it necessary to assign a large list of drugs in such situations, when you can do without them. And the use of drugs is not always useful. Therefore, try to choose good doctors for their babies, consult with friends. The first reception discuss the issue of minimizing drug interventions.

Step 5:

Self-confidence is provided simply. It is enough to not interfere with the undertakings of the child and respect his desire for new knowledge. If your baby develops any new skill, be ready to help him, but do not say that you know how to do. Just are there to tell something, if necessary. I sincerely rejoice to anyone, even slight, in your opinion, achieve. After all, the child is always - a big breakthrough.

Step 6:

Pay attention to your relationship with your husband. The children copy the behavior of their parents, so if a family show respect to each other, the child will feel confident.

Step 7:

Happiness - is too broad a concept to talk about how to achieve it. The main thing - love your child, take care of him, respect his rights. A toddler will answer you the same.