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How to raise a small child

Probably all the young family ever thought about how the right to educate their little child. Methods of education all parents are different and directly dependent on the personal characteristics.

How to raise a small child

Instruction how to raise a small child

Step 1:

Do not be afraid to pamper your baby, respond to his desire to be next to you in the first months of life - so you build up his confidence in the fact that he is not alone, that he is important. Meeting the basic needs of its so vital for the child.

Step 2:

Maintain initiative crumbs, tell him that he did the right thing: "You're such a good fellow, I climbed so high ..." - and only then indicates an error or danger, "it's dangerous to climb one, call my mother." Of course you need to make every effort to kid around environment was safe: remove dangerous objects for him, protect outlet, hide the wires, etc.

Step 3:

Do not program it to fail. Do not say "you can not, hit, get sick, you will fall." It is better to replace the phrase to "care, be careful, do not hit, you can, when grow up."

Step 4:

Remember, if the baby nashkodnichal, he must understand that his behavior is bad, but not himself ( "You're doing fine, but the paint on the walls - it is bad, it can not be done"). Do not expect your toddler self-conscious wrongdoing and understand their mistake. Try to explain it to him in the most accessible way for him.

Step 5:

Do not humiliate, do not hang tags (stupid, ugly, etc.) - "How do you call a boat, so it will float." This can cause the child zakompleksovannosti. Use simple words "possible" and "impossible" by which you will be able to build an adequate course of action, as well as to cope with a variety of problems.

Step 6:

Do not forget that the growing baby just needs bans, as well as in resolutions and praise. Prohibitions and imposition of certain rules to help the child get used to a new world for him, to perceive other people's experience, parents trust. So do not be afraid to prohibit child something, do it as you can safely and confidently, and then he will not whine and capricious.

Step 7:

Do not patronize the crumbs over the care, give him an opportunity to explore the world. Just nearby are and fear, but do not interfere in its activities. Otherwise, otherwise, the child for life will remain under your wing.