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How to raise a smart child

What the person is called smart? Some will say - anyone who has read all the books in the world and can recite every heart. But such a person can be said - an educated, erudite. The concept of "smart" means most intelligent human ability rather than of knowledge that he has. He not without Leo Tolstoy said that "mnogoznanie mind does not teach." Everything is complicated when it comes to raising a child.

How to raise a smart child

You will need:

- book.

Instruction how to grow clever child

Step 1:

Surround the child with love and attention. Intellectual ability to kids directly dependent on the environment in which they are raised. The friendly atmosphere will make him feel relaxed, confident. He will not be afraid to ask questions, and, therefore, will be developed. With the smallest just talk. The more the baby will hear the speech on a daily basis, the higher will be the level of his intelligence. Buy baby toys: blocks that need to be put on colors, balls, sounding toys. Playing them, he will have more to learn and develop new skills for it.

Step 2:

Give your child the opportunity to express their opinion. It is important to teach him to think independently. If you at any opportunity will correct him and say, how to say and do not need to, he will never be able to give birth to any interesting ideas. So talk with your baby. Ask him questions and carefully listen to his answers, no matter how strange they may seem to you. If some of his ideas seems to be valuable or interesting to you, ask for it to develop, ask probing questions and more. Talk to him, as an adult, make it clear that his opinion is very valuable for you. Never tell your child, "You're too young to understand it." A child should not think that he is not yet ready for independent thinking - it binds and produces complexes that prevent developing his intellect.

Step 3:

Immerse the child into the world cultural environment. You can take him to the theater, to concerts, read aloud to him the book, watching a good movie together. Child Consciousness will absorb everything like a sponge. Just do not forget to discuss with him what he saw and heard: "Did you like the movie?" "And who was the hero of a good movie? And why it is good? What did he do? "," Who's the worst? Why do not you like it? "When a child is old enough, ask them to write down their thoughts and evaluations on different occasions. This will accustom him to constant intellectual work, give ground for reflection. With the already grown up baby do not be afraid to argue, even provoke it, but in a kind way that he was able to defend their point of view.

Step 4:

Show your own example, what it means to be intelligent and wise. It is very important. You can give your child a thousand times, what is good and what is bad, but if he will see that your actions are at odds with your words - you can be sure he will repeat your mistakes, and learn to deceive ourselves and others very quickly. Therefore, before you commit any act, think, and how it will affect your child, what lesson he learned. Exactly one you will teach him his behavior. Be careful, responsible, wise for yourself, remember that the apple does not fall far from the tree.