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How to raise a son of man

All parents want to raise a son man, so that he grew thoughtful, attentive, creative and kind. But the boys do not grow smoothly and evenly on their own. If the boy grows in your mind, then you will notice how it grows, how it is changing power at different stages of his life. You need to understand that the child is required at different age stages.

How to raise a son of man

Instruction how to raise a son man

Step 1:

The initial stage includes stage from birth to six years. The decisive role in the upbringing of her son belongs to the mother. In this age it is necessary that pipsqueak felt a connection with materyu.Okruzhite child care and kindness, give him a sense of security and a great love to the son also learned to love. To this end, most take it in his hands, talk, tiskayte.Ne recommended to give son in kindergarten up to three years. Studies have shown that boys are more likely than girls to suffer because of the separation from loved ones. Experiencing a feeling of abandonment, the child may develop aggressiveness, fears. This behavior may persist even in high school.

Step 2:

The next stage begins at age six to thirteen. The decisive role in the upbringing of her son belongs to the pope. Remember that become the standard of behavior for the child, who suddenly had a desire to imitate you, to learn something new. Watch your actions, rechyu.Ne excluded from family either physically or mentally. Give your child all the free account, otherwise it will bring him to his various antics. The boys may start wetting the bed, to steal, to show aggression to okruzhayuschim.Razvivayte creative and mental abilities son, do not forget about personal qualities. Pay attention to his film characters the positive actions. With the same purpose, see art proizvedeniya.Mama children should not deviate from the education of his son, because he was older. Her love is as important for the child.

Step 3:

Step fourteen years to adulthood. Podyschu boy-man coach who will prepare him for adult life that he did not have to be content with the knowledge of their peers. The main criteria when choosing a mentor is honesty and security. Involve the child into adulthood and instill a sense of responsibility.

Step 4:

In the upbringing of her son should participate both parents from birth to adulthood. Changing only the share of the participation of the father or the mother at each age stage.