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How to raise a son rule for mothers

Processes of education of a boy and a girl are very different. To grow a real man, the sons of mothers, it is desirable to follow a few simple but very important rules.

How to raise a son rule for mothers

Compliance with these rules - it's not so complicated, many of them can seem so simple that they seem to perform and do not necessarily. However, it is not. If you are thinking how to raise the son of a real man, try to remember them always.

Never make fun of her son

Ridicule women any unpleasant man. Ridicule mother - is a deep trauma for the boy. And even if you think that the reason is not a serious, properly dressed pants, or drawing, or a confession of love neighbor girl - be very careful. Your sarcastic remark, he will remember for a lifetime. And besides, the son you do not tell nothing will, it will cease to trust you.

Answer all the questions his son

Do not dismiss empty talk "-Learn grow". He needs your answer. You do not know - and tell. Learn and share your knowledge with his son. His question made you blush? Ok, now you know that you have a complex and above it should work. But do not make these complexes son. Answer is as easy as possible and understandable.

Ask the son of Council

With the boy be sure to consult in making decisions. He will solve all life. And take responsibility for their decisions. And secondly, you can not even imagine what it can be simple answers to your complex adult issues. That is something you puzzled months, you will learn in two minutes. "What should be our future apartment". "why I always quarrel with someone?" and "what am I doing wrong?". Thank son for advice. Let him see that you respect him and trust him.

Do not utter words "I told you!!!"

You realized that we were right, and his son - not. Wonderful, congratulations. he will understand everything. You're not a competition with his son? He is now on you need support, not poke your superiority. By the way, baby and dad to you these words are not worth hearing.

praise son

Praise often, but on occasion. without any "but" and "here should be corrected". Over time, he will understand, where there is what you need to correct. And he waits for admiration and recognition of his services to the mother. Give it to him.

Keep his dreams

Even if you do they seem ridiculous and unrealistic. He wants to be an astronomer - buy the book and show a film celebrity wants to be an artist - buy paint and draw with it. Do not be afraid that it will grow windy. He will grow diversified. A really determined in life, he will be in 18-20 years. 

If the son is crying

To comfort. Here's what you should do. No matter how small you did not seem a problem, it is a great event for him, to the same unpleasant. To whom it still carry their feelings? Take these feelings with care and have pity on the child. He should not cry inconsolably - ever. To do this, he has a mother.

Do not read notations son

Also never. This is not only a futile exercise, but even harmful. All that you want to convey to the child show an example.

You're on his side

Always. You are his support and protection. Then one day it will become a support and protection for you. Without conditions or reservations. In the shop, the teachers, in a dispute with strangers - you are always on the side of his son.

And then, perhaps, he will come to you with a question, "what sex" or "how to invite a girl for a date". Because he knows you will not scream or laugh at him. Because he trusts you.